Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crazy Grandma Mazur

I have been feeling a lot like Grandma Mazur lately. She seems to be the sweetest thing around, but a little on the crazy side. Well, I am the sweetest thing west of the Mississippi and I have gone a little crazy. I was putting this quilt together and thought I was doing great. The colors are really neat and seemed to be going together well. Well the pattern is suppose to be Grandma's Cross. The pattern was going together good and I thought the cross was going to be pretty done in the purple. Well, I looked away for just a minute and something happened. Oh well! I honor of Grandma Mazur, I give you my version of Crazy Grandma Mazur quilt. It isn't quilted yet but will be later today. I will then post it on my etsy account and try to sell it as a baby doll quilt.