Monday, May 4, 2009

Stephanie and Joe Quilt Adventure- Jenn

I had fun with this challenge. I found fabric that reminded me of the two characters then found quilt blocks that I had not done before (minus the friendship block- I just like that one)

I did Calico Puzzle, Tennessee, Contrary Wife, Shoo Fly- my interpretation, Friendship Star, Split Nine Patch, Hourglass 2 and Hourglass 3. This created a great Nine Patch Sampler Quilt too.
I see her as a Puzzle, she would be a contrary wife for sure, she is always trying to shoo away trouble, they are friends and lovers, she is split on which lover to choose and she is always running the clock down somehow, too often. So there you have it. Of course I found some cherry fabric to incorporate into it.
The back is done in a blue fabric to symbolize her relaxed feel- blue jeans and a Tshirt. The Tennessee block- deals with her being his Sunshine, her laid back flip flop style with some blue jeans and then all her comfy things, cake, pizza, coffee.... The rest of the blocks symbolize both of them somehow.
I quilted it with half circle waves in red thread. Then used some scrap red binding I had- which I altered to make it thinner.
I chose a rectangular shape due to the area this quilt will be located in my house, once my hubby gets home because I found even standing on my desk I am a tad to short to pin it up there. *SIGH*


  1. It's great! What a unique approach, doing a quilt to symbolize both of them! And you are right--it's all about food, LOL!

  2. I love it! You did great work on this project. I love your choice of materials too. I wish our shop had some of them! An excellent job!!