Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Bad Lula Block

I added a few fabrics to my Lula fabrics and set out this evening to make 4, 12" blocks for my Lula mini (is that an oxymoron?) However I miscalculted my measurements not once but twice and the result was a 6" block with 27 pieces and 18 HSTs!! Ooops!

Thank God I only squared up the HSTs I needed for one block because my baby was fussy and I figured I'd do the other three in the morning. All the remaining bits are going into the trash. Not the scrap box, the trash! The one horridly sized little block is getting borders and being turned into a potholder.

I originally designed a slightly simpler block to use for Lula and I will try again with it and the same fabrics, just not tonight. :-)

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