Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Times With Lula

My first mini quilt top is done! Though, like Lula it didn't quite cooperate the way I wanted. I squared up HSTs and blocks and sewed more blocks together and lost a bunch of points. Sigh. My daughter Hannah loves it though and I will quilt it and give it to her as a play quilt. It is 24" square and is an original design based on traditional HSTs. I am thinking of baking it with the black fabric with the maribou slippers all over it and binding it with a bright lime.


  1. Oh how you dont even understand how good it is to see that even you have difficult HSTs at times! I made some Pinwheels for some potholders for a swap and oh- how frustrated I was! It is so funny how that happens though- You always have the most intersting fabrics! I am loving the books you lent me!!! FUN FUN.

  2. I love the Lula quilt too. Too great!